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$$$$.....A GOLD RUSH IS ON.....$$$$

The Merchant Cash Advance, MCA Book, by Bret Martin, industry influencer.

The Merchant Cash Advance, MCA Book

New York Times #1 Bestseller 
In Stores Now!

by Bret Martin

The Merchant Cash Advance, MCA Book
Three men, with dog, panning for gold in
$$$$...A GOLD RUSH IS ON....$$$$
Gold Rush Concept.jpg

There are Jobs. 

There are careers. 

...and there are Gold Rushes. 

Gold Rushes distract us from our jobs and careers. 

Throughout history they've even had a tendency to break up or destroy families. 

Gold Rushes begin like as itch. itch that is avoidable at first.

.But then the itch builds.

You hear someone talking, you read something, you hear or see a commercial, or maybe you see a post on social media.

You avoid it or them at first, it's just noise and you don't pay attention.

But then it happens.

The sum of the parts makes the whole and you notice it.

It's a retroactive thing.

Eventually that inability or unwillingness to scratch that itch drives you to a point where you have to take action, or you will go insane. you pack your bag, and you leave in its direction.

This is how it's taken place for hundreds if not thousands of years and this is how it will take place in the future.

Welcome to the call.


 $$$$.....A Gold Rush Is On.....$$$$

Welcome to the most lucrative industry in America.

The merchant cash advance industry. 

Is some states these are considered loans. 

In some states these are considered advances. 

Salespeople  in this industry are call ISO Partners (independent sales organizations).

You are not W-2’d. 

You are 1099’d. 

Meaning funding companies don’t take taxes out of your checks. It’s your job to handle your own taxes. 


This is a Gold Rush.

A Gold Rush Is On. 

$$$$....A GOLD RUSH IS ON....$$$$

To me there is nothing more mesmerizing than watching grown men and women walk away from their current life in the hopes of improvement via a "Gold Rush".


I Use the term Gold Rush loosely in this case as seeking actual Gold is pretty much a thing of the past. 


Think of how many times in mankind history here in America where men and women navigated towards innovative ideas surrounding the  likes of computers, the internet, the automobile, electricity, oil, cattle, etc, etc, etc, and these industries that popped up around these innovative ideas made many people millionaires, multi millionaires and even billionaires. n

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